Glee‘ is planning a second Britney Spears tribute episode, but it’s not likely that Brit Brit will appear this time out. Another difference? The singer’s most recent material will likely be the focus of the tribute. Brit’s catalog is deep, so there is a wealth of songs for producers to choose from. That’s called a good problem to have.

Amber Riley, who plays diva Mercedes on the show, dished a bit about the Brit ep, admitting she isn’t exactly sure what show runner Ryan Murphy has planned but she’s down for whatever, to borrow a phrase from Kelly Rowland.

“There’s so much Britney music,” Riley told MTV. “I grew up listening to Britney Spears. She definitely has been a part of my high school years coming up. I would love ‘Circus.’ ‘Circus’ is a good one.” We agree!

‘Glee’ castmate Chris Colfer (who plays Kurt) has gone on record saying that he wants to perform something from last year’s comeback ‘Femme Fatale’ album, while Chord Overstreet, who has seen his role bumped up to regular again, spoke about the Brit Brit ep, saying, “It’s probably one of her most recent singles. We’re doing a really cool version of it. It’s going to be a little group number. It’s going to be fun.”

So much Brit Brit, so little time.

What Brit Brit songs would you like to see performed on ‘Glee,’ PopCrushers?

Watch Amber Riley Talk Britney Spears Episode of ‘Glee’

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