Summer school is almost over but the rising temperatures are as hot as ever! With temperatures in the triple digits the best way to spend your weekend is at the pool! Here are some essential things you will need before heading out this weekend.

  1. The Obvious – Towel, SPF, or tanning lotion!
  2. Music – The songs you play set the theme of your day so download radio pup on your smart phone or tablet and hook your speakers up with KISS FM – or make a playlist that is going to keep the party going ALL day long
  3. Pack a cooler – Your drink of choice can be anything from mimosas in the morning to Jell-O shots in the afternoon but snacks and water don’t’ hurt either! Especially if you want to stay out ALL DAY long! More importantly, stay away from anything glass – you’re just asking for trouble!
  4. STAY HYDRATED. While I fully suggest having a beer in hand during your fun in the sun. Make sure you are taking pulls out of the water bottle as well! The sun and the alcohol will dehydrate you in half the time if you aren’t careful so pool party responsibly!
  5. BYOK – Bring your own Koozie! It seems like a small thing but in this heat, you want to keep your beer ice cold! More over, your choice in Koozie says a lot about you. Ladies, you might match to your bikini! And guys, you may want to choose a Koozie with a hilarious or outlandish quote that has the ladies laughing and serves as a great icebreaker! Step it up a notch and bring one that allows you to go hands free! Check out this DIY Hands free Koozie here http://www.bubbyandbean.com/2011/09/diy-party-koozie-guest-post-by-mucho.html
  6. Games & Activities- Everything from a float to volleyball can be used to play fun games in the water! If you really want to be the life of the party, bring a Water Pong float! It’s a great way to bring Beer Pong outdoors and in to the pool!
  7. Finally, DON’T OVER PACK. If you can’t carry everything you need – you don’t need it! Swimsuits don’t come with great storage and it can be hard to keep up with your things at the pool! Don’t wear your best watch or bring your entire wallet or purse to the pool! You don’t need it and you run the risk of losing or breaking it! Side note: avoid keeping your phone on you at the pool, nothing is worse than being phoneless all weekend because someone threw you in the pool!



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