Considering it was 30 years ago today that MTV took the world by storm, Time Magazine grabbed some of the best videos from every year as a look back at the music video world. Some of these are old. Some are new. I'm not going to put all of them up here because these are rated solely on the video, and isn't as much about the music. But  a great video can only accompany a great song. So here are my personal faves from this list, and the ones that really matter. I'll start with the most recent and get older.

Kanye West-"Runaway"
The reason this video makes the cut is because its a perfect realization of Kanye's genius (EGO). And its like 35 minutes long so don't watch the whole thing. Ok really it's just weird, and insane that someone made it.

Lady Gaga-"Bad Romance"
This was her biggest hit to date and an amazing video to boot. She's almost naked in parts of it but don't let that deter you from a cool video for a great song.

Beyonce-"Single Ladies"
Only the truly greatest videos can spawn as many parodies and knock offs. That's why this one is here. Even people that don't like Bey know the dance to this video.

OK Go-"Here It Goes Again"
This video is probably one of the coolest of all time. OK Go have since become known for their innovative and creative music videos. If only they could be this good at writing songs...

The White Stripes-"The Hardest Button To Button"
While I never fell into the hype of this being one of the greatest bands ever, they had some good songs. And this video was their best. If for no other reason than to try and comprehend how many drum kits and amps they had to get and move repeatedly for 2 seconds of film then move them again.

D'Angelo-"Untitled (How Does It Feel)?"
I never understood the song, but I understood the video. At least why the ladies went crazy for the video.

Fatboy Slim-"Praise You"
One of the greatest dance songs ever written, and the video done by world renowned director Spike Jonze was equally as great. Not only because it was done in one take. Not only because it was performed live on the street. But also because it was done for under $1,000 in an age of artists like Guns N' Roses spending over $2 million on ridiculous videos. It brought music video back to the basics and it desperately needed it. You cold call this the original flash mob. Plus the dancing is awful and hilarious. (Also note the dance group leader is the director Spike Jonze.)

Missy Elliott-"The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)"
This is the one with the fish eye lens and Missy wearing a trash bag.

Jamiroquai-"Virtual Insanity"
This is the one with the constantly moving furniture set and floors that Jay Kay dances around.

Weezer-"Buddy Holly"
The Happy Days video used old school clips and merged them seamlessly with the band playing inside Arnold's restaurant. Even The Fonz ends up dancing to the catch track.

Beastie Boys-"Sabotage"
The Beastie Boys returned from an extended hiatus with Ill Communication. The first track was another Spike Jonze directed joint and the only rock song on the album, "Sabotage".

Also making the list are such timeless classics as Nine Inch Nails "Closer", and Run DMC and Aerosmith's "Walk This Way." Check out the entire list with videos here.

But what video list about MTV could ever be complete without the one that started it all:

The Buggles-"Video Killed The Radio Star"

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