The owners of Lubbock's The West Table are opening another business on the floor level of the Pioneer Hotel simply called The Coffee Shop.

The inspiration comes from a postcard from the Pioneer, when its original name was 'Lubbock Hotel,' which featured, you guessed it, The Coffee Shop. So history is repeating itself.

As an aside, the best Indian restaurant I've ever eaten at was called The Indian Restaurant.

The proprietors of The West Table/The Coffee Shop are committed to the revitalization of downtown Lubbock, something our town sorely needs. The last time I was there I actually did see a tumbleweed. While that's not unusual in this area, the metaphor was not lost on me.

Downtown Lubbock already has a ton to offer if you know where to look, but that's the problem: You have to know exactly where to go. If more and more businesses take a chance on downtown, perhaps it can go from being the spookiest place in Lubbock to a nice place to shop, hang out and explore.

Revitalization efforts and funds from both the city and private entities are starting to flow in, and with the construction of the new arts center I believe the business owners who took a chance on downtown now will see their efforts rewarded.

The Coffee Shop will be located at 1204 Broadway #105, just down from The West Table. It will serve gourmet coffee, drinks, and fresh pastries. It will also have a reserveable meeting space.

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