It's still wedding season and there are some things you need to have like the dress, the DJ, and most important of all are the drinks. The Little White Caravan Company was recently purchased by Michele Carter from previous owner Shelby Alexander after the two got to know each other at an event before the business exchanged hands.

What Is It?

The Little White Caravan is exactly what it sounds like, a little white caravan, that serves as a mobile bar and drink service to weddings, birthday parties, bubbles and Botox with some tasty alcohol options. These are not the only kinds of events that this local business caters to as they also offer mocktails and non-alcoholic options for baby showers, field days at elementary schools, and much more.

What Makes It Stand Out?

This isn't just any mobile bar and drink service caravan but because it's small, easily portable, and flexible, depending on the event, it stands out without being the center of attention. Previous owner Shelby did mention that this business was very rewarding due to how much of an impact is made just by being a part of something special to someone else. Michele states that she fell in love with the concept of this mobile bar and drink business while searching for her career and felt God had finally answered her prayers.

Look to the Future

While the caravan can be decorated to fit the theme of whatever event you are hosting,  owner Michele also plans to expand on the business and what will be in the caravan. One example is turning it into a small portable clothing boutique that she would be able to sell clothes out of at the local farmers markets. Some of the other ideas are currently top secret says Michele, so we will stay on the look out for what possibilities this local business has to offer the community in the near future.

How to Book Them

Michele will be keeping up the great customer service that Shelby made the business known for and will have some special deals for those interested. For the month of August Michele is offering $100 off her packages and will have a very special giveaway coming in September. More information in regards to getting an accurate estimate on booking services can be found on their website, and photos of previous events can be found on Facebook and Instagram. Michele is eager to bring happiness to people while they celebrate the most important moments of their lives.

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