Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy will be rolling in style thanks to her mother’s lavish birthday gifts. The R&B queen gave her baby princess a Cadillac and Ferrari for her 2nd birthday. Yep!

Don't worry, it wasn’t the real ones but miniature Fisher-Price car toys that Blue could go cruising in and around the house. Queen Bey posted a photo of the vehicles through her Tumblr page on Friday (Jan. 17).

In the picture, the blue Ferrari is tricked out with flashy rims and some lettering on the windshield that reads, "Blue Ivy, Baby Slab."

For the uninitiated, "slab" is slang for "Slow Low and Banging" and is often used to describe a car that’s been customized. Houston rhymer Lil Keke made the lingo famous in 1997 with the H-Town anthem 'Southside.'

Meanwhile, the Cadillac is candy-painted in pink with gold trimmings on the grill and headlights. Blue will certainly be ballin' in these two cute cars.

Bey and her hubby, Jay Z, celebrated Blue Ivy’s 2nd birthday with a huge party at Jungle Island in Miami on Jan. 7. Invited guests include Destiny’s Child cohorts Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

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