Whenever anyone talks about the drivers in Lubbock, Texas, it usually isn’t in a positive light. From not knowing how to drive in the snow or rain, to struggling to navigate traffic, we hear it all the time.

While I do think those things apply to some Hub City drivers, there is one thing that stands out to me even more. For some reason, I've noticed that Lubbock drivers seem to avoid the far-left lane on the freeway as much as possible. I especially notice this on the Loop 289.

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What's the problem?

While I understand sticking to the middle and right lanes for ease of exiting when you need to, there are certain situations that make sense to use the left lane. For example, if you are trying to pass someone that is going under the speed limit in the middle lane, you should use the left lane to get by.

Instead, many drivers will swerve around between the right and middle lanes to get past other drivers when they could’ve gone past everyone in a smooth, straight line in the left lane.

No need to be afraid...

Having grown up in a larger city with much larger freeways than what we have in Lubbock, this is very confusing to me. We don’t have an HOA lane here, so why are people avoiding the left lane as if it is an HOA lane?

In case you are reading this and thought for some reason you can’t drive in the left lane, I’m letting you know that you can. I promise you will be fine. The left lane isn’t scary. Simply move back over to the middle once you’re done passing people.

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