Apple's product announcements are now international front-page news. Yesterday, they had a big one Apple's new CEO, Tim Cook, announced the new iPhone. Here's what you need to know:
#1.) It's not the iPhone 5, it's the iPhone 4S. Back in 2009, Apple introduced the iPhone 3GS, where they took the previous year's iPhone 3G and just enhanced all the stuff on the inside, speed, power, camera, software. They did that again this year. The iPhone 4S is the same size and shape as the iPhone 4, but it's souped up in every other way: It's faster, has a much better camera, better battery life, better download speed, and a better antenna that might not drop all your calls.
#2.) The new "big thing" is a voice recognition assistant. Companies have been trying to get voice recognition right forever, but it's never been close to good enough. But if anyone's going to nail it, it's Apple. The new iPhone has a "virtual assistant" called Siri. You talk to it like you'd talk to a human: "Get me directions to Applebee's" "Do I need a jacket? "When was MILLARD FILLMORE elected?" And it responds to you.You can also dictate text messages and emails to it, and have it read your messages to you, which is great for the car.
#3.) It's now available on Sprint. This will be the first iPhone available on three different carriers Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T.
#4.) It costs the same as before. It starts at $199 and goes up, depending on how much storage space you want. They go on sale October 14th, and all projections have them shattering every previous phone sales record.


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