Do you find yourself struggling to adequately communicate all the nuances of your feelings via text? Well, good news, iPhone users: New emojis are coming!

On Monday, October 31, Apple released a developer preview of the new emojis included in the forthcoming iOS 10.2 update, which (finally!) features shrugging and fingers crossed (you know, like when you're fibbing) emojis for the first time, according to Forbes.

Also new to the lineup? A cute fox face, a duck, a squid, an owl and a long overdue avocado. (How have we possibly survived conversing about our favorite guacamole hot spots and avocado toast recipes before this very moment?)

The update also sees some new additions to the available profession-related emojis, including a firefighter and a judge, both of which are available as either male or female gendered versions. And if you're professionally exasperated for a living like this writer, there's also a brand new, handy-dandy facepalm emoji. Hurrah! Oh, I mean, jeeeze...

Along with the new emojis, older designs that weren't updated during Apple's previous iOS 10 update in September have received a redesign as well.

The update is rumored to become available sometime in November. Until then, hold on to your butts—uh, peach emojis, 'cause those are changing, too.

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