RadioShack almost called it quits in 2015. It would have died had it not been for their new owner, Standard General. Per the folks at The Consumerist, it might be time to die again.

General Wireless, the company that formed from Standard General and Sprint, will be filing for bankruptcy in the very near future, which would make liquidation time right around the corner.

When this happened in 2015, Lubbock only lost one store -- the RadioShack in the South Plains Mall. I remember asking employees about the red and yellow ‘clearance’ signs and if they were closing. I was told that they weren’t. Who was kidding who, of course. They were going to close, and they did.

I reached out to a Lubbock RadioShack manager on the condition of anonymity and this is what he had to say:

"We didn’t expect to survive this long after the last round of closings, but it looks like we will all be out of work very soon."

Sad to see this once-iconic retailer go the way of the dodo. Will you miss RadioShack if they leave Lubbock for good? Let us know in the comments.


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