When you go out to an amazing Halloween attraction like Lubbock's Nightmare On 19th Street, do you ever wonder how in the world they put all of it together and how long it takes? Well, I had the exciting opportunity to explore behind the scenes.

It was last Saturday night. It was pitch black as I entered the gates to the Lonestar Amphitheater. A black cat crossed my path and I had to laugh; it was the perfect greeting! Maybe I should've turned around right then, but I didn't. I had brought cookies after all, and I was there to help.

I was wearing my best summer work clothes and brought along some good work gloves. I was ready (I hoped) for whatever this adventure would bring!

I found myself bravely wandering around the endless darkness of that back parking lot for what felt like a long time before they sent out a search party that found me!

Before this night was over, I'd been introduced to the most interesting bunch of hardworking guys you could ever want to meet. Stories tossed around were nothing short of entertaining. Everyone wore a light on their heads like a miner. They were ready for anything and had apparently had been through everything.

Incredible, but true stories were shared. There was no shortage of dangerous scorpion and brown recluse spider tales of horror. Surprisingly, I even picked up some laundry tips! Did you know that if you wear your socks into the shower and soap them up with the rest of you, they come out sparkling clean?

But the real adventure of the night was building a waterfall. I learned how to sweep up nails with a giant magnet roller and how to use an impact drill. Plus, I was able to pull out my phone's handy calculator to help figure some measurements for the structural design.

Oh, and did the guys enjoy the cookies I brought? Yes, but unfortunately a raccoon got to them in short order! There was some discussion as to whether what was left after the raccoon had gotten his share was still safe to eat.

I can't thank Wes Nessman and the team at Nightmare On 19th Street enough for inviting me out to help! It was a great experience and I'm working up my courage (just kidding), and look forward to going back another time to help.

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