Update: Lubbock Independent School District Spokeswoman Nancy Sharp has issued a statement regarding Amy Davidson.

Yesterday, Lubbock ISD was made aware of posts on the personal Facebook page of Amy Davidson which were in violation of the district’s employee handbook. Davidson resigned her position this morning, effective immediately. She has been employed by the district less than two years as an educational aide.

Original Story: A teaching assistant at Lubbock's Preston Smith Elementary resigned this week after allegedly posting several racially-charged messages aimed at a local woman.

According to Lubbock Online, Amy Davidson tendered her resignation Tuesday morning. Davidson's messages began to go viral Monday night and were shared on the Lubbock Democratic Party Headquarters Facebook page.

Davidson had posted the following:

Our anthem is more important than some stupid football game! You should have more respect for our soldiers, vets and our country! If you don't...Feel free to take your TV and watch NFL in a different country! 🇺🇸 ✌️

She then included a picture of a local woman named Donica Torres, saying she "had to blow this girl up on Instagram" and was "tired of ignorant people."

"Don't come to our country and insult our history," Davidson wrote. "You don't belong here if you can't respect it!"

In the back-and-forth, Davidson told Torres to "go back to Mexico." She later asked if she was "f---ing retarded." The uncensored version of the screenshots can be seen here.

KFYO News has independently reached out to Lubbock ISD Spokeswoman Nancy Sharp to confirm Davidson's resignation. No response was provided as of press time. However, Davidson's public Facebook page currently says she "worked at Lubbock Independent School District."


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