Elana Nightingale Dawson wasn’t going to let a little thing like childbirth get in the way of becoming a lawyer.

As the pregnant Northwestern University Law School graduate was working on the multiple choice section of her bar exam she began to go into labor.

Since it was first labor — and everybody had told her that it would take a long time — she decided she might as well try to complete the exam. So, after passing a note to the proctor, asking him to contact her husband, she finished the final 45 minutes of the test.

“The hardest part was going through a contraction and not moving,” Dawson explained.

Since the hospital was just down the street from where she had been taking the exam, she walked over once she was done and delivered the baby two hours later.

The baby boy was healthy, but Dawson won’t know until October if she was able to pass the exam.

In the meantime, we guess she’ll just have to make do busying herself with diapers instead of briefs.

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