I can't really judge you for not going to Alamo Drafthouse's Film Club, even though its the coolest thing in Lubbock you aren't doing (yet). I just went for the first time this past Wednesday- and I go to Alamo, a lot.

So what makes Film Club different than any other movie at Alamo? For starters, you get a keepsake notebook with your ticket price. Neat! The notebook is specially designed for you to make notes about the film shown, including a star rating. Each time you come to Film Club, you get a stamp in your notebook. On your tenth stamp- you get a free ticket!

The tickets are a bargain anyway, at $5. This includes access to a special film club menu that has discounted appetizers and beverages.

I do need to stop and warn you- you're not going to see The Emoji Movie at Film Club. Film Club is foreign, cult, independent , and/ or transgressive films. This is a place for people who love challenging films, or at least films off the beaten path, so to speak. Every film is followed by a brief discussion.

The film I saw Wednesday was super challenging, for me anyway. Harmonium is a Japanese film- subtitled, of course. The film dealt with some really difficult questions about family that I personally experienced in my own life to a certain extent. I'd tell you what that was but it would be a major spoiler so I can't. All I can say is that the film was like emotional shock therapy. It forced me to analyze my own sadness and loss and how it has affected my life long term.

This isn't to say all the films will be downers. Coming up soon is My Entire Highschool Is Sinking Into The Sea- a hand-drawn comedy with some of my favorite indie actors voicing the characters. I'm very excited for it.

Film Club is held on most Wednesday nights at 7:30p- check the calendar here.

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