Halloween is this weekend, and if you are like me, then you probably don't have your costume ready yet.

No matter how much I try to prepare my costume each year, I always end up scrambling for something just a few days before the big day. This is when those handy 'last-minute costume' YouTube videos and Pinterest posts really come in handy.

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When I think of a last-minute costume, I want to have most parts already in my closet, or it needs to be easy to pick up from Party City or another store.

While brainstorming my costume this year, I started thinking about some Lubbock-themed costumes that would actually be pretty easy to pull off. So, here we are with the list of costumes I came up with.

Keep in mind, I love silly costumes, so this list will become more ridiculous the further you scroll. Here are six funny Lubbock-themed costumes that you can put together last minute.

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Here are a few last-minute Lubbock-themed Halloween costume ideas that get weirder the further you scroll.

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