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I complain about Lubbock a lot, but after spending some time in the "big city," I realize there are a lot of things about the Hub City that I take for granted.

Over this past weekend I was in Dallas for WrestleMania. Fun time. Big Crowds. Muscular people slamming each other into the floor. However, I had forgotten how much bigger cities absolutely stress me out.

Here are some things I've come to appreciate about Lubbock after a weekend in a bigger city:

It's So Much Easier to Navigate in Lubbock

Dallas is a mess. None of the roads feel cohesive or thought out at all and is just thrown together. There are so many curves and turns in all of the streets that I always find myself getting turned around. In Lubbock, our streets are numbered north to south, and are alphabetized east to west. It's also a very satisfying grid. Very easy to figure out where you're going.

Lubbock Drivers Suck, But They're Not As Aggressive

Why won't drivers in Dallas just let me merge? We all have the same goal, man. Just let me get over. Why do you have to make the point of going past me first before I can be so privileged as to move over a lane. At the very least just slow down an itty bitty bitWhat is it with people and just not letting me move over? 

Dallas drivers make me angry and anxious, is what I'm trying to say.

You Don't Have to Pay for Parking in Lubbock

$40 to park in a huge lot 30 minutes away from where the event is happening. I cannot even imagine how much I would've had to pay if I wanted to park closer. All the parking garages, the prices, I'm so glad around here we can just pull up somewhere and that's that. I guess the airport's an exception, though.

Construction Isn't Everywhere

We've got the occasional road closures and repairs, but in big cities it is absolutely ridiculous. No matter where you're trying to go, some road on the way will be completely destroyed and reduced to one lane, if you're lucky. In Lubbock it's a minor inconvenience, but elsewhere it can be a nightmare.

Light Pollution Isn't Nearly as Bad Here

Most people don't think about the fact that you just can't see the stars in the city. Sure, you can't see a whole lot in Lubbock, but you cannot see anything in Dallas. No stars. Only darkness. Space is cool, man. I wanna see the bright guys above us.


So, of course there are still things about Lubbock to complain about. You'll probably hear more complaints from me in the near future. However, after traveling around, I think we all an be a little bit more appreciative, yeah?

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