Lived in West Texas long? Then you know about the dust. Or do you? It gets everywhere including places you would never think. Or want.

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    Hemera Technologies

    Your Ear Holes

    Yes, I'm sure you're aware of it once you take a shower, but it can get so bad around here that you can actually hear the dust going into your ear holes. After a weekend like this one, you might to check in with your ENT doctor, especially since your ear holes and nose holes and throat holes are all kind of connected.

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    Minerva Studio

    Your Food

    I don't just mean the food on your plate on the patio. If you've been through one of our famous haboobs, then you know that this kind of dust can easily find its way into your pantry and any partially open food container. Might want to dump that cereal after a blustery weekend.

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    ?? ??

    Your Car

    Yes, we know dust gets all over our cars. But don't forget that even the newest cars aren't completely closed systems. So on dusty days, make sure you turn your car's climate system to recycle and not outside air. Because if you leave those vents open to the outside, dust can and WILL blow inside your car even when its just sitting there. (P.S. It's the button with the picture of a car on it and an arrow going around in a circle.)

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    Your Dishes

    Similar to how this very fine West Texas dust can make its way into your pantry, it can also make its way into your cupboards and onto your dishes. At least rinse them before dinner tonight.

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    THE CRACKS! All The Cracks!

    And when I say cracks, I don't mean in the sidewalk. Or your house. I mean YOUR cracks. All of them. Even if you have clothes on all the time.

    You should feel free to take frequent freshening breaks after being outside for longer than approximately 4 seconds. Baby wipes work wonders. It's what our soldiers use in the Middle East. It's good enough for us, too. Just keep a box of wipes handy in each bathroom and keep that chaffing dust out of your most favorite places. And show some extra love to your love bits when you shower, as you should about a dozen times today.

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