Lubbock is booming, and new businesses are popping up constantly. I asked around to see what you, the Lubbockites, want to see show up in our fair city.


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    The Cheesecake Factory

    You guys are super serious about wanting more cheesecake in your lives. I like The Cheesecake Factory too, but actually for their dinner items and "small plates." I think the massive menu is what's appealing to us. And cheesecake, duh.

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    Trader Joe's

    Lubbock wants a Trader Joe's so bad that when you type "Trader Joes" into Google, it's the second suggestion. We have lots of healthy food grocers here, but I think it's the Trader Joe's line of foods that locals want most.

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    Urban Outfitters

    I absolutely believe that there are enough millennials in Lubbock to support an Urban Outfitters. Don't hate, hipsters -- we have the best cocktails and beer.

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    Dave & Buster's

    We are the children who grew up with Chuck E. Cheese (or Pistol Pete's if you were really lucky), so we still want to play games and be loud and rowdy. We just want to have beer with it, too. Until we get a Dave and Buster's in Lubbock, we do have Main Event and 50th Street Caboose (I love that place so much). But they're generally fairly crowded, which leads me to believe Lubbock could easily support a third option.

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