My favorite person in the world to eat ice cream with is my dad. So much so that for Father's Day I bought him a special ice cream bowl. It's kind of our thing.

This Sunday is National Ice Cream Day. So in celebration of this important holiday I'll have to take him to one of these fabulous Lubbock ice cream shops.

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    Holly Hop Ice Cream Shoppe

    3404 34th St.

    Holly Hop is an incredibly charming place in the Heart of Lubbock neighborhood. Decorated like a 50s cotton candy dream, this place is warm, nostalgic and incredibly welcoming. They make their own ice cream and offer a wide variety of soda shop items like shakes, malts and floats. They also have lunch and dinner items like sandwiches and hot dogs.

    And to celebrate National Ice Cream Day, they are doing Buy One Get One Free Ice Cream and Sundaes.

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    1308 Indiana on the Texas Tech Campus

    COWamongus has delicious ice cream made here in Lubbock through the Texas Tech Agricultural program. So not only do you get a fresh, local treat, you support your Red Raiders. I'd be remiss to not mention Raider Red Meats, which is part of the same program, that offers incredible high quality meats for purchase sourced from our area.

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    The Arrogant Texan

    1113 University Ave.

    The Arrogant Texan is a great place to grab a treat close to campus and they carry the phenomenally good Amy's Ice Cream from Austin. The Brandy Alexander flavor is absolutely to die for.

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    Happy's Shaved Ice, Bubble Tea & Coffees

    1708 50th

    While ice cream is not their focus per se, there is nothing in this world more refreshingly decadent than shaved ice with ice cream on the bottom. The first time I tried the combination was in North Shore in Hawaii and that amazing combo always takes me back. Happy's has the friendliest people and amazing Boba Tea, too.

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    Sheridan's Frozen Custard

    5101 82nd St

    This is the place to go when you truly want to go all out. You want a whole slice of cheesecake in your ice cream? DONE. My favorite combo is chocolate with bananas and rice krispy treats.


    Blue Oasis (?)

    5217 82nd St., Suite 106

    I haven't had the chance to go here yet and I would never "fake" liking something. But judging by their photos, it looks incredible. I'll be sure to try it and report back ASAP.

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