It was a high school science project that they took to the limit. The limit of space that is. Matthew Ho and Asad Muhammed sent a homemade balloon, that they made with used parts bought from Craigslist, 80,000 feet into space! That's around twice as high as commercial jets fly. And they bought the parts for around $400.

They attached the Lego man and some cameras to the balloon, waited for the right weather conditions and let 'er fly. It took just over an hour to climb to around 80,000 before the balloon popped, then another 30 minutes for Lego Major Tom to come back down to earth.

The funniest part is that the two waited for the right weather conditions to make sure Lego man would land in Canada and not in the U.S. They didn't want to take their chances with U.S. Homeland Security, which makes perfect sense to me.

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