If you're a young or new DJ in Lubbock, OHM might just be the place for you to spin your way to fame. Just ask Adam Antium and DJ LIFESTYLZ.

At 16 and 18 years old respectively, Adam Antium (pictured above) and DJ LIFESTYLZ may be the youngest performing DJs in Lubbock. Both will be spinning at OHM tonight (Thursday, June 30).

But don't let their ages fool you says King Leon, who books OHM's Thursday nights. King Leon assured me they have the chops to keep the crowd moving.

"If they can DJ well enough to put a mix together and I feel they are ready, I will put them on stage," he said.

King Leon is also passionate about helping new DJs perfect their names and logos, and often helps them to promote themselves. He told me he likes to use the opportunity to help new and upcoming DJs.

Adam Antium, who attends Lubbock High School, says he began DJing because he enjoys seeing "everyone vibing to the same track." I'm sure they will be.

There's no cover on Thursdays during the summer at OHM. You have to be 18+ to get in and 21+ to drink.

Artwork Courtesy of King Leon