They look like they've been dry desert areas for centuries. But when it rains the playa lakes fill up quick. A local man learned that lesson the hard way last night.

It rained last night. For the first time in months there was water in Lubbock. And all of that water needed a place to go. So it went where it always goes, the playa lakes. Before the rain fell all of the playa lakes looked low, or were completely dry. After it rained, however, they were full.

One young man was driving in an empty playa lake near 98th and Slide last night when he parked his truck and fell asleep. When he woke up the lake had filled up around him and his truck. He actually had to strip down to his skivvies and swim to safety.

Don't let the dry areas of a desert fool you. They fill with water quick when it pours, and you could get it much worse than this guy did. He's probably lost his truck, and the clothes he was wearing last night. But he's alive so that's good.

See a picture of the flooded truck here.