Losing a fur family member can be truly distressing. And even with the best pet ownership practices things can still happen- a gate gets left open, the puppy gets strong enough to jump the fence- you name it.

Microchipping is a great way to help you retrieve your pet should he or she become lost or stolen. Animal shelters and vets always scan for chips when an unknown animals shows up and it is the best way to prove that a stolen animal belongs to you. Here's a very comprehensive list of FAQs on microchipping. 

The Lubbock Animal Adoption Center is currently offering $5 Microchips for your dogs and cats through the month of December, Monday through Fridays. Proof of vaccination is required, no exceptions. That maintains the safety of other animals in the building and your animal should be current on their shots as diseases like parvo are devastating and unfortunately common in this area. LAAC is located at 3323 SE Loop 289, Lubbock, TX 79404. Phone:(806) 775-2057

Looking for a new fur baby? Here's a list of the currently adoptable animals from the Lubbock Animal Adoption Center.

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