If you have ever been to the circus or to Las Vegas you have no doubt seen a "Fire Dancer". They twirl and even blow big fireballs out of their mouth. Kerosene soaked balls on the end of ropes. What could possibly go wrong?

A 16-year-old was doing a fire dance for a Children's Day celebration in Russia last Friday.  That means she was spinning burning balls soaked in kerosene.  But when she tried to blow a huge fireball, her face caught on fire.

In fact, in the video it looks like the burning kerosene is on fire in her mouth.  So she tries to put it out, but then her hands catch on fire.  She runs away from the group, and a guy tackles her to help put out the flames.

The strange thing is that no one was really that shocked about the whole thing. Like a person on fire is really not a big deal. Ahhh Ruussia. The vodka is good yes?

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