A Facebook page called Creepy Carnivals has declared Lubbock's own Joyland creepy. As anyone who's been there knows, Joyland is not even remotely weird, scary or unsettling...at all.

It appears they are basing their judgement solely on the old-school style of clown that's on the sign outside. I assure you, there are no clowns on the inside, let alone creepy ones.

I personally take offense at this declaration because I've worked very hard to actually be creepy. I've been a makeup artist for Lubbock's Nightmare on 19th Street for the past 10 years, and clowns are certainly a large percent of the makeup I produce night after night for the 3D attraction, Clown Town. These clowns are creepy for real.

Joyland is always well-lit, full of friendly folks and fun rides. The Musik Express is my favorite ride of all time, and the only screaming is so we can go faster.