A couple of thieves stole some tools out of some Lubbock ISD work trucks a few weeks ago. So don't break any school stuff, because they can't fix it right now.

Here's a list of what was stolen from Lubbock ISD:

  • Makita Drill
  • Makita Grinder
  • Makita Sawzal
  • ¾ pipe crimper
  • ½ pipe crimper
  • 1” pipe crimper
  • Battery charger
  • Several plumbing supplies

They probably have a few more tools than what was stolen, but still. If you get trapped in a locker or locked in a bathroom, you might be there awhile.

I love how the thieves are trying to duck around so no one sees them while they walk directly in front of security cameras. Geniuses. Must not have stayed in Lubbock ISD school.

If you have information about the crime, you can contact Lubbock ISD Police at 806-219-0208 or the Lubbock Police Department.

Here's Lubbock sweetheart and cutey patooty, also my friend, Christy Hartin reporting.

KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock