BurgerFi has over 250 nationwide and 40 international locations, and now Lubbock will be counted among them.

According to founder John Rosatti's LinkedIn, Lubbockites can expect a delicious culinary experience:

BurgerFi serves all-natural burgers, fresh-cut fries, specialty items such as Kobe-beef hotdogs, a host of gourmet toppings, frozen desserts, as well as craft beers and wine.

BurgerFi will be located very closely to our radio station studios at 82nd and Quaker in the Kingsgate shopping center, so I know I'll be nomming on what looks to be gigantic burgers and hot dogs. (I love hotdogs so much, I'm not even ashamed of it). And of course washing it down with some delicious craft beer.

And although John Rosatti is a New Yorker, BurgerFi is a franchise and will have some local/regional craft beer and wine options according to the below video. You can plan what you'll eat during your first visit now by checking out BurgerFi's online menu.

BurgerFi - Better Naturally from BurgerFi on Vimeo.


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