I've seen this kid before and he does the best lip-sync videos. I can't remember his name but these are so good you just have to watch them.

This one is set to what many of you might think is Flo-Rida's "Good Feeling". Well kind of. But Flo-Rida's song was sampling Avicii's dance track "Levels" which was in turn sampling an early Etta James song called "Something's Got a Hold on Me". I've included all of those songs here.

But first, this:

It's Saturday Night - Let's Go Out Dancing People!It's Saturday Night - Let's Go Out Dancing People! More Videos from MC: http://bit.ly/MusicCrowns

Posted by Music Crowns on Saturday, August 29, 2015

Now here's the Flo-Rida version:

Here's the Avicii song:

And finally the Etta James original:

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