Patrick Mahomes. It was Patrick Mahomes. He got the cover. Are you surprised?

It's not only Mahomes, though. Super Bowl LV champion Tom Brady and the runner-up Mahomes will share the cover of Madden 22. Both men have been on the cover before.

Brady had the cover of Madden 18 all to himself and went to the Super Bowl that season before losing to the Philadelphia Eagles. Mahomes was on the cover in 2019 for Madden 20. The Chiefs went to the Super Bowl that year and beat the San Francisco 49ers to officially break the Madden curse once and for all.

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Mahomes released the cover on his personal Twitter account, saying, "What a time."

Mahomes spoke to the media Thursday, revealing he didn't even know it was possible to be on the game's cover more than once before saying some nice things about Tom Brady:

EA Sports also dropped the first official trailer featuring both Brady and Mahomes heavily:

The Madden Gameplay has changed very little since Brady was on the cover last, and even less since Mahomes graced the cover. If I was Patrick Mahomes, I would boycott the game until they updated franchise mode and quit trying to make the side games more important than the actual game.

Alas, I am not Patrick Mahomes, so I'll just buy the game like I do every two years and smile like a buffoon because the endorphins rush through my head.

I'd also like to make an obvious prediction: the song "Mahomes" by Migos will be on Madden 22.

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