If you own or rent a house in Lubbock, you might be familiar with this statement or some version of it:

“You better mow your lawn and pull those weeds because the city will fine you for it!”

This is something that every homeowner in Lubbock has heard, but many people don’t believe the city will actually fine them for something seemingly silly, like weeds. However, it is true, and the city seems to currently be making their rounds to check for these violations.

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They were just in my neighborhood this week and plenty of people were cited for overgrown weeds in the alley behind their house. This area often goes forgotten about, and after receiving the initial violation, residents have seven days to get rid of the weeds or the city will send someone out to get rid of them and then send you the bill. Even if your front yard looks perfect, don't forget about the alley.

So, keep in mind that Lubbock homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of their property from the curb in front of the house all the way to the middle of the alley outside of the fence-line. If you have an overgrown lawn or weeds reaching over eight inches on or adjacent to your property, the city can hire someone to trim your lawn and clear the weeds, and send you the bill for the service.

Your neighbors can also report your property via the Online Citizen Help Portal. So, I suggest doing your best to maintain your lawn so you don’t end up with a bill in the mail.

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