Wiz Khalifa stays on his grind when it comes to making music. In his new video for ‘The Grinder,’ everything is in slow motion when it comes to his rockstar lifestyle. Directed by Bill Paladino, the clip takes viewers into Wizzy’s trippy world as he cruises down Sunset Boulevard in a Rolls Royce.

We get to see the California nightlife and its inhabitants as Wiz raps about being a big baller and how he’s adjusting to his newfound fame. “I see TMZ cameras / Paparazzi taking pictures / I spark up a jay and asked them if he want to take one with us,” he raps. He then adds, “You n—as are too small, dog / Me, I’m thinkin’ bigger / Critics comment on how I’m smoking weed and drinking liquor.”

If you wondering who is the guy jumping around in the video and flipping you the bird, that is Wiz’s BFF Juicy J, who is now a member of Wiz’s Taylor Gang squad. As for the scenes of the chef cooking up a tasty meal, we can only assume that it’s a metaphor for Wiz getting ready to cook something up for his fans this summer.

Hopefully, it will be his new album ‘O.N.I.F.C.,’ which is due to hit stores in August.

Watch Wiz Khalifa, ‘The Grinder’ Video

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