The iconic Willie Nelson is either well into or gearing up for his 80th birthday (some say it's today, April 29, but the state of Texas and its fancy paperwork says it's tomorrow) -- and he's recorded a special audition reel for Peter Jackson just in time for the occasion.

In the video (shared by the good people at Team Coco), the legendary singer gives Sir Ian McKellen a run for his money by auditioning for the role of Gandalf the Great.

"Hey, Peter Jackson. My name's Willie Nelson, and I want to audition for the role of Ganda and the wizard in that upcoming movie you've got coming up called 'The Hobbit,'" he tells the camera.

He then proceeds to geek out at dragons, throw shade at balrogs and puff on some Middle Earth bud, just as you'd expect.

Having seen this, we're kinda bummed he didn't audition for the first 'Hobbit' film. Pretty sure Willie's appearance would have made the nearly 3-hour flick a lot more enjoyable.

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