So I've read here and there that a lot of schools have been testing out the possibility of just having virtual school on days that the snow is too much to manage.


This is too much, I mean really. You can't take snow days away from the kids for a number of reasons but the top one is that snow days are a right of passage for children of all ages. I spent all of my school career in Lubbock and snow days were and are few and far between. If you try to take those away from us then you're killing childhoods everywhere. Not cool Scrooge. Even some school principals like snow days, its a mini surprise vacation when everybody could really use a break. There's even a snow day calculator on the web, although its accuracy hasn't been verified as of yet.

Plus not every kid or family has access to a computer much less the internet. So those kids instantly fail the day because they can't afford an expensive toy? I hope not. Or what about people with more than 1 kid, but only 1 computer? Do they have to listen to each other's classes all day? Get real people. If you're not going to buy our kids computers, then you can't require them to use one when school is cancelled. Give us a break.

Now obviously snow days can cause problems for mom and dad if they both work, but if you have an understanding boss, then they get a free day too!

I'm not against progress, especially in our schools where progress and innovation have been lagging behind for decades. But this doesn't help. School boards account for snow days in the calendar every year. If it snows more than expected then we should be able to trust that our teachers, and more importantly our kids, can buckle down enough to make up a day or 2. I mean really how much did you learn in day? Me? Not so much I couldn't get it made up pretty quick.

Thanks for reading.