There are many rumors flying around the internet that certain chicken places are coming to Lubbock and in my opinion there is one that stands above the rest. Pluckers Wing Bar!

Chicken Crossing the Road

For those of you who are not familiar with Pluckers it's a very popular place to go in the Dallas and Austin areas when you want to get some wings and watch sports. While it seems that the concept of having wings and sports is as old as time itself there are a some reasons why Lubbock needs one.

The Food, Obviously

Of course Pluckers is all about the food but it's the amazingly affordable prices for so much food that seem to make it stand out. Even though we are talking wings I personally love their strips because they are extremely huge portions and they even serve waffle fries. In case you need that waffle fry fix on a Sunday. The names of their sauces will also put a smile on your face such as Hallelujah, Vampire Killer, and Bliss & Vinegar to name a few. They do also have smothered waffle fries, nachos, fried macaroni and lots of other things besides chicken.


Lubbock is a college town and it's surprising that there isn't a Pluckers already in town because of the great prices on food and drinks. It's also a great hang out spot to watch sports games and they have amazing perks everyday of the week. So if you are a teacher, kid, or just love unlimited wings on a Monday then Pluckers is just the place for you.

While I hope we get a Pluckers there are a lot of other chicken restaurants that could come to Lubbock like Nashbird, Big Chicken, Pollo Loco, Dave's Hot Chicken and Layne's Chicken Fingers for example. I haven't tried any a lot of chicken places outside of the Hub City yet but will happily try all of them! Which chicken restaurants do you think should come Lubbock in 2024?

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