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Cold and flu season is officially here in the Hub City, which means it is as important as ever to keep yourself safe and avoid getting sick.

With the risk of COVID-19 also being prevalent, getting vaccinated is a great way to stay safe. This means getting your COVID-19 boosters as well as getting your flu shots. Fortunately, you can get both at the same time and kill two birds with one stone.

Even if you think you are bulletproof and won’t get sick this season, it is better to be safe than sorry. Even those of us that are as safe as possible, consistently washing our hands, avoiding contact with those we know might be sick, and actively taking other preventative measures, you still might get sick.

Nothing is worse than spending all day puking you guts out or burning up in bed with a fever. So, get that flu shot in order to protect against those possibilities. I promise that potentially feeling a little wonky the day after the vaccine is much better than being bed ridden for an entire week.

If you are looking to get your flu shot in Lubbock, you can get them at Walgreens, CVS, United Supermarkets pharmacy, and the Market Street pharmacy. Keep yourself and your family safe by getting your flu shot every year in order to stay protected from each year’s flu variants and avoid getting sick.

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