So originally this was going to be an angry-ish post about how these billionaire technology companies are always screwing us over, and then something happened the other day. First let me give you my original rant that I am now ready to revise:

"Why do we need 3D? First of all we have already tried it to not much approval. Maybe not all of you remember the 80's when 3d was making it's 2nd resurgence, as it seems to do every 20-30 years now, and it was all over the movies and TV again. And it made another resurgence in the 90's too. I remember an episode of Home Improvement with Tim Allen, who most of you know as the voice of Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story movies, that was shot in 3D. and recently The Simpson's did a part of their annual Halloween show, Treehouse Of Horror,  in 3D too.

Plus it seems that almost every movie released also comes in 3D. And that sucks because many great movies are being altered so that it makes sense to shoot them in 3D. Its cheaper to shoot something in 3D then to convert an existing film from 2D. So now you have what should be great movies being shot with all these weird scenes that ONLY look good in 3D, and otherwise make no sense to the movie itself.


Now true not all of them are bad, some are actually quite good like Avatar, but they are few and far between.


NOW we have 3D TV's being produced, and soon enough 3D TV channels will be all over your satellite or cable boxes. Some are already here, like The Golf Channel which, by the way, if I can't see the ball in 2D on a large screen what makes you think I'll be able to see it in 3D? Now it will just be hours of golfers and spectators walking through my living room, and I'm not cleaning up for them!

What I don't get is that  the TV makers are insistant on selling us "3D" TV's. Why do we need a secial TV? Its the show that has to be shot in 3D, and then those images are broadcast. It's the combination of the picture and the right glasses that makes an image 3D. They don't change an entire movie theater's screen just to pop a 3D movie in that one room do they? Do they change the projector to show a 3D movie? I may have a telecommunications degree but I'm no tv engineer so I could be completely wrong here. But if I am then how did I watch 3D tv shows in the past with just my regular tv and some cheap cardboard glasses?

 So why should we spend $2,000 or more for a brand new tv and have to watch that tv all day with special glasses?

In fact even Phillips was working on a 3D TV that didn't need glasses. This is their promotional video about 3D, and of course its in 2D so huh????

This sounds, to me, like just another way for the big technology companies to grab every last hard-earned cent from our pockets that Uncle Sam and our kids haven't already taken. why did we buy cassettes when cd's were already invented? Why did we buy cd's when mini-discs were available? Why did we buy dvd's when hi-def and Blu-Ray were ready to launch? Because when why would they sell us the newest technology when they hadn't gotten every dime they could from us for old technology, that's why. The digital revolution might be the only saving grace for some of this because I am not buyin my whole music collection all over for the 4th time again! And now they want us to buy 3D TV's, movies, dvd players, and glasses? where does it end?"

So that was my rant about how we are constantly being ripped off for our entertainment dollar from technology companies, and 3D TV was just the latest stab. Then I went and watched a 3D TV with the "active" glasses in a store at one of their display sections.

It should be here in 2 weeks.

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