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'The Simpsons' Predicted Disney's Fox Deal in 1998
Thousands of years from now, alien archaeologists will come to one inescapable conclusion: The Simpsons dictated humanity’s every advance. The latest evidence is none other than today’s giant Disney-Fox merger, which America’s favorite family jokingly predicted in 1998.
'The Simpsons' Fired Its Main Composer After 27 Years
The Simpsons hasn’t had to replace any of its core voice cast just yet, but will nonetheless sound a bit different in Season 29. Longtime composer Alf Clausen was apparently let go from the series after nearly three decades, while the show pursues “a different kind of music.”
'Simpsons' Creator Matt Groening Preps New Netflix Series
Despite failing to outlive its progenitor, Futurama joined the ranks of Matt Groening’s iconic animated works to follow The Simpsons, and Netflix may have given both another sibling. Reports confirm Groening is readying a new animated series for Netflix, though the concept remains under lock …

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