Amarillo is a stopping place for many famous people. I mean I-40 runs right through it.

We get a lot of famous people here we do and for many different reasons. Yesterday was no different.

It all started two years ago for this story. Remember when Hurricane Harvey hit? That is where this story starts and this post.

credit: Jason Lee Instagram

Jason Lee was in Amarillo two years ago. You may know him from the Jay & Silent Bob Movies (Mallrats, Clerks, Jay & Silent Bob) Or maybe from playing Earl in “My Name is Earl”. Or even playing Dave in Alvin & The Chipmunks.

credit: youtube Jorn Truyen
credit: youtube Fandango Movie Clips

I was on Facebook yesterday and saw that my friend, Nikki Biggs, who works at Wiliams-Boyce Agency post about him stopping by again. I had to message her and ask about her brush with fame. According to Nikki:

He came to Amarillo two years ago and took the above picture. He is retracing his steps and wanted to take the picture again of all the places he’s been. He has a book with all these really neat places.

So today was the day he decided to retrace his steps. Which brought him back to Amarillo.

Today he just showed back up to Williams-Boyce Agency (212 SE 6th Ave). He wanted another picture with that car.

He came in the office and wanted to take a picture of Old Yeller (old car that stays here). He asked me if it was okay and I said sure. When Peter came in I said "he sure did look a lot like Jason Lee" It was eating at me, so I went out side to talk to him again and sure enough!

credit: Nikki Biggs


credit: Nikki Biggs
credit: Nikki Biggs

When asked if he was nice:

he was so nice..And when he told me his name I asked him if he was the actor. He said “I do some acting”.... lol

Wow, a guy who has been in most, if not all movies featuring Jay & Silent Bob (Mallrats, Clerks, Clerks 2, Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back). He was also Earl in "My Name is Earl", and played Dave in  "Alvin & The Chipmunks” Jason Lee is known by many.

I sent a text to my daughter and she loved him via the Alvin & The Chipmunks movies. I know him from “My Name is Earl” and the Jay & Silent Bob movies.

I am just so happy to know he came to Amarillo....even if he was steps away from me at work. It was still great to know he was here for a reason and oh so nice!