Was I the only one that was shocked to see our Red Raiders in all Grey opening night? My beloved  "Red and Black" have gone "Red and Grey"?

The Red Raider players started tweeting out pictures of the jerseys they found in their locker room about two hours and 15 minutes before kickoff so they were just a surprised as I.

Now we have always backed our boys and we will continue to whether they are in first place or last, in black uniforms or pink. But this year the Red Raider Nation are all sporting a swagger full of confidence and pride as a brand new era of Red Raider Football has begun with former Leach protege Kliff Kingsbury at the helm and I have to wonder... Why the drastic change?


I was a student when Mike Leach came to town. Kingsbury was the leader of the high flying Leach offense and with Kliff's induction into the tradition of the Red and Black as the new Head Coach I have to wonder if his first decision as coach was to pay homage to his fallen but not forgotten Coach.

The way Coach Leach left and the fact that all the details of money and supposed "abuse" were played out in the national sporting press remains to be a black eye for the TTU Athletic Department. Coach Leach was raised to almost demigod status with the entire student body at his side. I was shocked to see him go and embarrassed for the way that he went.

I have heard that the University administration along with a lot of others voted on the uniform change but I have to wonder if the "Grey" uniforms pay homage to one of Texas Tech's gone but not forgotten Mike Leach who's Washington State Cougar uniforms strike a uncanny likeness to those of our Red Raiders...

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