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Fashion doesn't seem to be very high on the priority list for Baylor's coaching staff.

Like, what is this? What is this ensemble? Look at all of them in the background here:

John E. Moore III, Getty Images
John E. Moore III, Getty Images

They look like the henchmen of some evil villain. I'm getting some Dr. Evil vibes here, personally.

Mike Meyers Stars As Dr Evil In Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Photo New Line C
Getty Images

I'm familiar with Baylor's colors: Green and Gold. They're very specific shades and they're very recognizable, but this, to me, looks like dookie. Not the album, mind you. I like the album. I mean dookie as a bad thing. It looks bad.

The green tinted gray looks like salsa verde or something from a distance. Not that I'm saying salsa verde is gross or looks gross, but I sure as hell wouldn't want to wear that color in combination with the gray slacks.

Maybe it's the color combined with the close together thin black lines that makes the mind instinctively not like it. It's just enough for me to notice it and I really couldn't stop thinking about it after I initially noticed. Hell, maybe the staff's choice of attire threw the players off and that's what led to them getting destroyed by Tech in the second half.

Trash fashion sense from a trash team. They got what they deserved Wednesday night, if you ask me.

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