Okay so we all know celebs are wealthy enough to afford whatever they want, but you should hear some of the ridiculous requests they make when traveling on a tour!


When you know you're famous, there isn't much people can do but tell you "Yes!" to your every request. I've been doing some reading and came across some pretty outrageous requests. Check this list out:

-Eminem: asks that his hotel room windows are covered with tin foil to completely block out the sun. He also needs white noise playing while he sleeps. We get that his normal sleep schedule is not during the night time for certain reasons, but he still claims it's because of all of the time zone jumping he does when he's on tour.

-Mariah Carey: There are plenty of people afraid of "germ-y" bathrooms, but she requires that her hotel rooms are fitted with brand new toilet seats for her throne. She also flies her own bed linens to the hotel room to be there waiting for her when she arrives.

-Prince: He's not exactly young anymore, we know, but Prince has a physician on stand by back stage to administer his B12 shots before to help keep the energy flowing. Hasn't he ever heard of 5 Hour Energy?

-Jennifer Lopez: not sure how accurate this one is, but I'll let you be the judge. I refuse to believe that JLo truly believes someone has stirred her coffee a certain way before handing it to her, but rumor has it that she must have it stirred counter-clockwise.

-LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST! Justin Timberlake: speaking of "germaphobes," J.T. has someone go around a disinfect his door knobs every 2 hours to ensure optimal sanitation in his hotel.

Wouldn't it be nice ?

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