I know that these days it seems that everybody is asking for donations for this cause or that charity or someone's foundation. Most of it is for a good cause, and it's never a bad idea to give to charity. But as I look around at the myriad of people and places asking for help, I can't help but stop and think of the people who, I believe, need it most right now. Japan is the most recent so I'll start there. A lot of people think that because Japan is a rich nation they don't need as much help. But watch some of these videos and tell me that they're doing fine.

ABC did a really amazing pictorial that shows Japan before and after the tsunami.

And don't forget that New Zealand was hit a while back too:

What brought this post on in the first place was looking at some pictures my sister-in-law took of her medical mission trip to Haiti, which still needs more help than people know. Haiti is slowly being overshadowed by the others and forgotten, which is sad because it is the poorest of all of the countries, without so much as the basic needs being met.

She was there with New Vision Ministries and says that they are doing as much as they can to help. And here's some video from the earthquake.

And there are a thousand more videos like that out there.

So I just wanted to remind everybody that there are many people that could still use help in one way or another, andI wanted to put some links as to how you can help, here to make it easy. The Red Cross is always a good place to start. New Vision Ministries to help Haiti, or the Operation Hope Facebook page. There's a Facebook page to help New Zealand too.

Not many people have a bunch of extra money just lying around that they can give to someone else these days. And I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad if they can't help. But maybe one of these days skip getting your usual Starbuck's in the morning, or don't supersize your lunch, and send that to a charity that can help.

I know many of you are wondering "well what are you doing to help?" I'm going to send a few bucks to the Red Cross, I know its not much but every little bit helps right? And I'm also asking all of you to join me. That's what I'm doing to help. I'm using my advantageous position in the media to reach a larger group of people that can also help, and that's you. Do what you can, feel good about what you've done, then do some more. And tell your friends. Thank you, and the people of Haiti, New Zealand, and Japan thank you as well.

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