I remember many years ago when I was in like 8th grade or something, me and my bestie took a road trip to Midland with his parents to the only water park that wasn't 5 hours away.

Water Wonderland in Midland was the coolest place ever back then. Not anymore.

The recently-shot drone footage above shows just how bad the once refreshing water park has become.

It was the first water park that many of us ever went to. The first place I ever experienced the bobsled style slides that went so fast you thought you would fly off. It's still the only water park I've ever been to with a zip line that goes across a deep pool where you could drop, do flips or just fly and accidentally belly flop because you waited too long to let go and the rope stopped, yanking you backwards. You may have lost your grip, but you still did an accidental flip and landed on your face while all the girls in bikinis were watching.

Good times.

R.I.P., Water Wonderland.

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