Last Friday (June 8) was the grand opening of Obstacle Warrior Kids in Lubbock. To celebrate, they brought in "American Ninja Warrior" super contestant Maggi Thorne.

While Maggi was here in Lubbock, she talked to all the kids and played dodgeball. She even took on the course with a kid on her back!

I've done the course myself. Although I'll admit I fell a lot, and skipped an obstacle here and there. It's not easy to do by any means - much less with another human being, however tiny, clinging to your back like a baby monkey. But that's what Maggi did.

OK, well, she only made it through the 2nd obstacle before she fell, but I bet you couldn't have even made it that far!

Get your family to Obstacle Warrior Kids Lubbock this weekend for an inexpensive and awesome time for everybody and see how far you can make.


    Maggi Thorne Works With Kids at Obstacle Warrior Kids Lubbock

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