Last week, I wrote a blog about this fantastic new place for kids to play in Lubbock. I was so excited that I took my kids there this weekend. Twice. And I climbed and played, too. You really need to check out Obstacle Warrior Kids in Lubbock ASAP.

Obstacle Warrior Kids Lubbock, located at 11703 Indiana Ave., is based on the hit NBC TV show, American Ninja Warrior. In fact, one of the employees at OWK Lubbock has gone to American Ninja Warrior try outs in Dallas, and I think he'll be on the show which launches Season 10 next week. More about him in another blog soon.

Being a franchise based on the show means that the obstacles are similar to the ones the show has, and the contestants need to be able to conquer to make it further on the show. But OWK Lubbock is designed for kids of all ages, and their parents, to come play and see how much fun obstacle courses are.

They have three huge foam pits that are a blast to fall into, if you can't hold on. And there are slides, rings, ropes, those really hard run-up ramp walls that look so easy on TV, but are super hard in real life, and so much more. Plus, there's a kids area for those under 5. That way, the big kids can run and jump and conquer the obstacles at full speed without worrying about accidentally knocking smaller kids over. The little kids area has a trampoline, climbing obstacles, run-up wall, climbing wall and their own foam pit to play in, so they have just as much fun as the bigger kids.

Watch my son Brody do the course:

One of the best parts about OWK Lubbock is that feeling your kids get when they try and try and try and can finally beat a challenge for the first time. These obstacles aren't easy, and kids are going to have to work really hard to do some of the bigger ones. But when they do finally beat it, and they realize that they CAN do it themselves, it's the greatest feeling in the world for them -- and you.

And believe me, this will be one of the best workouts you'll ever get. I ran the full course more than once and it will wear you out. My back and shoulders are killing me today. But I will go back and try to do it better and faster next time.

The video at the top is me and my daughter Ava running with me. The next video is my son Brody, and the third video (below) is my other son, Evan. There are parts we can't finish...yet. But we're going back all year to get better at this. Take your kids there and have a blast indoors so the weather can never stop you. And tell them Ethan sent you. The owners are really nice and wonderful people and will show your family an amazing time.

For less than the cost of a movie, your family can go play and exercise together, and build memories that last a lifetime.

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