According to MSN Money, the biggest employer in Texas is none other than the big-box store Walmart, with 156,000 workers.

It's to be expected really, as even really small Texas towns seem to have a location that employs at least a few dozen people. There's also distribution centers, truck drivers and many other positions required to keep the enormous chain operational.

In Lubbock alone, there are six locations (one of which is a neighborhood market). Although Walmart is thriving here and elsewhere, Lamesa and Brownfield are losing their Walmart stores. However, that seems to be no indication of the failure of Walmart; it's just a re-structuring towards more locations in more densely populated cities. Cities that are more rural and more poor were recently affected by these closings nation-wide, according to The Washington Post.

Walmart is not only the largest employer in Texas, but also the vast majority of southern states. Other big employers tend to be educational services like universities and medical facilities like hospitals.

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