It is time for the annual murder mystery dinner at the Harvey House in Slaton.

This annual event is a fundraiser to continue the preservation and restoration of the Slaton railroad depot.

From Slaton Harvey House:

“The Plot: The town is gathering to celebrate Marshall T Potts, who came to Dodgy City, Slaton ten years ago. He appears to have cleaned up the town, but has he? It seems everyone has a vendetta against one another or the Marshall, and trouble is on the rise. If worse comes to worse, will you be able to guess who dun' it?

The Slaton Harvey House is a landmark two-story Santa Fe Railroad building constructed in 1912, part of a chain of restaurants and hotels created in 1876 by Scottish immigrant Fred Harvey. The Harvey House was famous for the fine dining served there by the legendary "Harvey Girls" who lived on the second floor.”

The event will be held April 28th and 29th from 6-9p.m. For more information, you can call Jessica at 806-828-5900 or email

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