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The Arizona heat must have gotten to this guy.

An alleged road rage incident led a man to exit his vehicle in traffic and then, from what you can tell by watching the video, harass a driver parked behind him. The exchange seems to come to an end with something that you don't see every day out on the road:

A naked bum.

That'll teach 'em! Show them your butt. That solves all kinds of problems, right? Ugh.

Sometimes they shoot guns. Sometimes they hit your car with a baseball bat. But this road rager? He was a special kind of moron and flashed his butt to a person that was clearly already filming him from her vehicle. You're a star now, buddy.

I've seen some crazy stuff on the road in Lubbock but I've never seen anyone moon another driver over some stupid road drama. Get over yourself. If you ever think it's a good idea to get out of your car in the middle of the street to give someone a piece of your mind, think again. You're an idiot, and what you're doing will solve absolutely nothing. In fact, it could even get you fired from your job.

Case in point: someone saw the video online and posted exactly where this guy apparently named Jeff works for everyone to see. In this day and age, you can't get away with doing stupid stuff in public without suffering the consequences via someone's camera.

Be smarter, Arizona... and somebody get this guy a new A/C. I'm blaming the heat on this dumb s**t.

Anyway, here's the ridiculous video...

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