We all know Texas Tech is known for the student section at all sporting events, but it's especially elite during basketball games.

So I'm confused why former Texas Tech basketball coach Chris Beard in front of his so-called "best in the country" student section of 30 students thinks theirs is superior?

First, let's all watch the video from Texas Men's Basketball:

"We're going to try to build the best student section in college basketball," Beard says in the hype video, adding: "It's always been an unbelievable student section, the best in the country in some ways on any given night."


First off, did anyone else catch Beard "accidentally" doing a 'guns up' sign during the video? Is he secretly a double-agent coach, or can he just not quit Texas Tech?

We all know Beard is trying to overcompensate the fact that Texas Tech, the Raider Riot and the Lubbock community all come out to support men's basketball. I think Beard is going to be very disappointed come November 9th when he see the turnout at Texas' first game of the 2021 season. It'll probably be like the one in the video above: very small.

Just to remind Beard of what a real student section looks like, check out this amazing tweet by KSBY sports director Casey Buscher. I don't think you can find anything close to this anywhere in Austin. As a Texas Tech alumna and basketball fan, this video still gives me chills.

People on Twitter agree with me. Not only are people trolling Texas' video, but if you go look at it the only people responding or caring about it are Texas Tech fans. It just shows that Texas Longhorns fans don't really seem to care about Coach Beard the same way he was loved by Lubbock. Thankfully, new head coach Mark Adams feels the love and knows how special this program really is.

But just in case Beard still doesn't believe us, we'll make sure and remind him on February 1st, 2022. I'll definitely be in attendance at the United Supermarkets Arena for Texas Tech vs Texas and ready to see what happens.

#StriveforHonor and Wreck 'em Tech, baby.

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