Lubbock resident, Tyson Earl, was out enjoying Mae Simmons park with his dog when he noticed a fluffy gray bobcat in the distance. He grabbed his camera and took a quick video and wondered out loud whether or not he should take his dog any closer. They may be snuggly and adorable looking, but they are still a wild predator and should be treated as such.

"We were just out disc golfing at Mae Simmons and on hole 6 another golfer was like, "Just so yall know there's a bobcat down the hill". We were like what? Then saw it ourselves and couldn't believe it. I had my dog with me so I was kinda nervous but we watched it for a while and determined it was probably just hungry and waiting for an easy meal once the sun went down. Got as close as 200 feet away but it clearly wanted to be left alone."

Here are some random facts about bobcats that you might not know from the Smithsonian's National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute:

- Bobcats rarely make meowing noises like regular housecats. They actually chortle and make bird-like chirping sounds.

- They mostly eat rabbits, rodents, snakes, and lizards, but they are not opposed to snacking on a dog, cat, sheep, chicken, or even a goat.

- Bobcats are most active at dawn and dusk.

- They typically live between 5 and 15 years in the wild but could live even longer in human care, and have an average lifespan of 18 years in captivity.

- The majority of bobcats in the world are found in the United States

So, be on the lookout for bobcats when you're hanging out at Mae Simmons, and make sure you keep track of your doggy!

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